CC&R Update Ballot

We will be voting on new covenant language to clarify many of the confusions, misunderstandings, and uses of RMR properties. It will be important to get a 67% approval of each item to pass the new language. For example, under the current language, it could be possible for someone to attempt to build an apartment complex. Below is a summary of the proposed changes and the reason the Board recommends their approval. We need 160 yes votes for any measure to pass.

To download a full copy of the proposed language changes, click here: Language Changes to CC&R

A Powerpoint Presentation on CC&R proposed changes and the reasoning behind them.

Download a CC&R Ballot

River Mountain Ranch

Declaration of Easements, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R)

Introductory Letter

Dear Fellow RMR Property Owner,

This year our ballot includes a special vote on updates to our CC&R’s.  Please take the time to vote on each of these measures.  We plan to keep voting open till August 1, 2024 to ensure all owners have a chance to vote.  For your convenience a preaddressed return envelope is included to return your votes.

Our CC&R’s were filed by the developer in 1995.  They lack clear definitions for key provisions and do not address the changes in building methods and technologies that occurred in the last 28 years.  This has led to disagreements with property owners over interpretation of certain clauses, inconsistent enforcement, and could potentially allow land use having a significant negative impact on the nature of our community.

We conducted a survey of RMR property owners to identify issues with the current CC&R’s.  Then a group of concerned RMR property owners met with the ACC to draft the changes.  This language was vetted and updated by a real estate attorney who specializes in POA rules and bylaws.

The POA Board had reviewed and endorses approval of each of the six changes.  The ballot summarizes each change.  

The full set of language for each change can be found on the RMR website  If you have questions or would like further information, please attend the POA meeting at the Wimberley Community Center on January 20, 2024 at 12:00 noon.


Your RMR POA Board

River Mountain Ranch

Declaration of Easements, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R)

Proposed Changes

Item 1: Single Family Dwellings with only one secondary dwelling permitted.           

 Why the Board endorses approval.

  • Maintains the desired nature of the RMR community.
  • Prevents construction of apartment complexes and duplexes.

Item 2: Clarify CC&R definitions.                                                                                     

Why the Board endorses approval.

  • Provides clarity to residence on what is and is not permitted.
  • Eliminates prior issues between the ACC and residence on how items are defined.

Item 3: Require Architecture Control Committee (ACC) to publish siding and fencing standards.

Why the Board endorses approval.

  • Provides clarity to residence on what is and is not permitted.
  • Allows ACC to adopt standards that reflect current construction methods.

Item 4: Set limits for Solar Panel and Tower Installation                                      

 Why the Board endorses approval.

  • Allows residents to make use of solar and cellular technology while maintaining the desired nature of the RMR community by preventing solar and wind farms.

Item 5: Limits on Short Term Rentals                                                                 

Why the Board endorses approval.

  • Allows for short term rentals while minimizing nuisance issues.

Item 6: Provide For CC&R Enforcement                                                             

Why the Board endorses approval.

  • Allows the POA to enforce compliance with our rules without incurring exorbitant legal costs.