Candidate Bios for 2024 Election

Kellee Ferguson has resided in RMR since 2016. She has served on the RMR POA Board for the past 6 years where her roles have included President (5 years) and Roads Chair (2 years.) When Kellee is not working as a civil litigation attorney, she enjoys spending her free time riding horses, cooking, and traveling. She looks forward to continuing to serve the RMR community by being re-elected to the Board. 

Joe and Laura Dalton have lived in RMR since 2016. Currently retired, Joe spent a career in high tech software companies in Austin and Seattle.  Joe holds an MBA, BSEE, and BA from the University of Michigan, and is currently the RMR treasurer.  

Kathleen Tanzman:

Kathleen and Ron Tanzman have lived in RMR since 2019.  They have 2 miniature labradoodles, Bailey and Belladonna.  Kathleen currently serves on the board on Roads and has for the last year.  

Heather Carter has lived in RMR for 20 years with her husband Marc Gitterle and their two sons. She’s an artist, designer and founding board member of projectART in Wimberley and looks forward to serving on our community’s HOA. 

Bill and Gina brought their property in RMR in 2011, and became full time residents here in 2018, along with their dogs and cat.  Bill joined the RMR board in 2019 where he has led and then served as liaison to the architecture committee and is hoping to continue serving for another two years.

Bill Haser: Prior to moving the RMR Bill was vice president and chief information officer for a Fortune 500 manufacturing company.  Since moving the RMR Bill opened a consulting business focused on helping clients successfully deliver IT enable projects.  Bill also held roles in engineering, strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, manufacturing, general management, and finance.  He was active in fundraising for the Lake County Illinois Boys and Girls Club.

Bill recently climbed Mt Whitney and enjoys, sailing, skiing, carpentry, and global travel.