Internet Services in RMR

Internet services in RMR are either, Satellite, Wifi or Radio Frequency. Satellite services seem to have a lot of complaints for many reasons from connections during bad weather to running out of bandwidth during the month. Wifi services often slow down when many users are online. Radio Frequency to Fiber Optic Towers provide the best option for stable connections with unlimited data and potentially high speed connections. We tried for 5 years to get Spectrum to install cable in our neighborhood without success.

As always, service depends on line of sight. On Provider may work for one location and not another

Here are a list of local services.


New: Invisalink, Radio Frequency to Fiber Optic. (Invisalink can check your line of sight from your address remotely, if you submit a request to them at the link.).

New: Sprynet, Radio Frequency to Fiber Optic.


Anvil Communications, 512-847-1180,

Texas Wireless Internet, 512-524-6363,

Village of Wimberley (VOW) Net, 512-847-8956,, (512)-535-1293


Hughes (not recommended)


The RMR point of contact for the internet and who may answer your questions is:

Jeff & Leigh Peterson
2251 Windmill Run
Wimberley, TX 78676
512-377-6034 (landline)