Current Month’s Hot News & Important Announcements

BURN BAN IS OFF effective 6 December 2016 (per the Hays County Fire Marshal)
POA Board Election

The RMRPOA will have openings for five (5) Board positions for the upcoming 2017/2018 term.  Nominations for election to the POA Board are now being solicited from the membership. A letter has been mailed to all POA members to submit nominations to the Board NLT 9 December 2016.  If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Board.

January – November 2016 News Archive

The Vote to Transfer River Mountain Road to Hays County Has Passed

The results of the recent election to transfer River Mountain Road to Hays County may be viewed at his link – Road Election 2016.

RMRPOA Board Agendas, Minutes, & Financial Reports Have Been Moved

All of the agendas & minutes for 2016 and previous years documents (from Nov 2010) are now located on the Documents page of this website and all of those documents are downloadable in PDF format. POA members should contact the POA Board Secretary to view an/or obtain copies of any agendas/minutes prior to November 2010. Additionally, all current financial reports for 2016 are listed in the next section after the minutes. The financial reports may also be downloaded in PDF format.

Halloween Hay Ride

The RMR Halloween Hayride will be re-scheduled for Friday Oct. 28th starting at 6pm due to a slight schedule conflict with the University of Texas football program… We still need “Trick or Treat” stops along Winding Trail, Water Park (Street #’s greater than 900) and Windmill Run. Possibly Trail Ridge and other streets with cul-de-sacs if we can turn the trailers around them. Please contact Chris Oddo at 512-736-5933 or email if you are interested in being a “stop”. The Brinkman family has graciously offered to let us borrow hay bales! We still may need a large trailer and trucks/tractors to pull them. For those interested in joining the hayride, please contact Chris so he knows you will be attending. We are also trying to coordinate a post-ride gathering at a family’s fire pit, smores and all. Stay tuned. UPDATE: Its Set! Trick-or-Treaters will meet at the Ferguson/Hartman house located at 1000 Winding Trail at 5:45pm so we can depart at 6pm sharp. We have 10 stops this year. Should wrap up around 8:15pm. Afterwards, the Williams family will have a campfire with smores for those that are interested. They are located at 2400 Windmill Run. If you have any questions, please contact Chris Oddo at 512-736-5933 or email

Thanks to the families that have volunteered to be “stops” this year!

RMRPOA Summer Meeting Roads Discussion Overview

The Summer Meeting of the River Mountain Ranch POA was held on 18 June 2016 at the Wimberley Community Center. Commissioner Wil Conley attended and gave an extensive briefing on the Hays County’s process as well as answering questions concerning the possible takeover of RMR road. A copy of the Roads discussion/overview can be downloaded from this link – RMR Roads 061816.

Information Concerning the Upcoming Election to Transfer River Mountain Rd to Hays County Has Been Mailed to All Impacted Property Owners

A letter with a related fact sheet concerning the upcoming election to transfer River Mountain Road to Hays County has been mailed to all of the property owners in River Mountain Ranch, White Wings, & Foxhole. A copy of the letter may be viewed and/or downloaded in PDF format from this link – Road Election Letter.

Ballots for the election should now have been received by everyone concerned. Note: All ballots must be returned to the Hays County Clerk’s Office NO LATER THAN 8 SEPTEMBER 2016 in order for your vote to count.

RMRCC Cattle Round-Up

It’s getting pretty hot and we’ve worked 45 of the cows, so please fill your water tanks again. Thank you for all the help. Len Brinkman

Special POA Board Meeting Scheduled for 12 July

A special POA Board Meeting will be held on 12 July. The agenda may be downloaded from links on the Documents page.

REMINDER – Fireworks are NOT permitted in River Mountain Ranch

Just a reminder from the RMRPOA Board that fireworks are not permitted in River Mountain Ranch per our Covenants & Restrictions, Section A, Land Use, paragraph 5,  “…..and no fireworks shall be permitted on any lot.”

Thank you, RMRPOA Board

Hays County Lifts Burn Ban for Unincorporated Areas (includes RMR) Effective 9 March

Hays County Courthouse, San Marcos, TX – Hays County has lifted the ban on outdoor burning in unincorporated areas of the county as of March 9, 2016.

Persons planning to burn outdoors should be aware of wind conditions and delay burning if winds are expected to be gusty or high. Fires should always be attended by an adult and a water source should be available nearby.

Property owners planning to burn should notify the Hays County Emergency Communications Office at 512-393-7896, their local fire department, and as a courtesy their neighbors. More information about outdoor burning is available at, choose Fire Marshal under the Law Enforcement dropdown.

Status update for Time Warner Cable (now called Spectrum) for RMR

So far we have 20 families signed up for TWC. Our goal is to show TWC that they have a revenue stream of approximately $6,000 a month to justify their build out costs. To date, our total is approximately $2500.   I thought it would take only 30 families, but several have chosen the minimum service option, which lowers our average per household. It looks like we will need at least 40 families to sign up for this project to be viable. Danny Shipp, the TWC business division rep, said that if we reach our goal, then the build out would take about 6 months. As you may know, Time Warner has recently merged with Charter Communications, and it has slowed the consumer side build out as well, so for those waiting for consumer services and prices, it make take a few years if it comes at all. If you haven’t signed up, but are interested, more information and a sign up sheet is available here:

I’ll be glad to answer questions.

Jeff & Leigh Peterson
2251 Windmill Run
Wimberley, TX 78676
512-377-6034 (landline)